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Enjoy the relaxing and restoring flute notes of
Japanese Garden
the first album by Some Journeys !
Listen the preview!
The first album by Some Journeys has been released! We are talking of Japanese Garden, a single which contains the homonym track and "Verde 97", both New Age pieces composed with vintage synthesizers and flute as lead instrument.

The piece
Japanese Garden has been composed 16 years ago and is presented for the first time to the general public in remastered version. The basic sonorities are synth, but the flute brings an atmosphere of unmistakable traditionality. Even if - title notwithstanding - the piece has nothing to do with the Japanese popular music, the arrangement and the melody bring an oriental-like aura, which fit together with the image represented on the cover. The modernity of the piece - in contrast with the Japanese traditionalism - is remarked by the small theme played by a musette (a typical French instrument), as to emphasize the cosmopolitan nature of the major cities of the Japanese Archipelago.

Verde 97 is a "bolero" of tranquillity. It is built on a interplay of flutes, who run after each other in a simple, hypnotic and relaxing melody which repeats endlessly. The violin counterpoint and the strings basis amalgamate everything, giving the piece an overall gentle and velvety sonority.

Future projects (in preparation):

Evocative Flute Melodies
Playing the Planets
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